Harmonize Your Project with Exceptional and Diverse Musical Compositions from FlipMusic Publishing – Now Available for Licensing!

Are you a composer ready to make your mark in the music industry? Let us take care of your musical composition’s copyright administration, so you can focus on what you do best – creating music! Don’t stress about the back end! We got you!

We handle all copyright intricacies, ensuring your masterpiece remains protected, properly credited and protected by law!

Other Services Included in Our Publishing Deal:

  • Transaction Coordination

    This service involves the management of various financial transactions related to your compositions. It includes negotiating and processing licensing agreements, handling royalty payments, and managing other transactions on your behalf. Transaction coordination ensures that you receive the appropriate compensation for the use of your compositions.

  • Administration and Paper Work

    Music publishing deals often involve a significant amount of administrative work. This includes tasks like registering your songs with performing rights organizations (PROs) such as The Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Inc. (FILSCAP), assisting with FILSCAP membership registration, handling copyright registration, and managing various contracts and agreements. We take care of these administrative tasks to save you time and ensure compliance with legal requirements while administering the rights and usage of your compositions.

  • Assistance on Royalty Collection through Performing Rights Organization

    Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) like FILSCAP collect royalties on behalf of songwriters for composition rights when their music/composition is publicly performed or broadcast. We assist composers in collecting and claiming royalties for their composition rights.

  • Rights to Musical Compositions (Licensing, Synchronization, Mechanical, Merchandise etc.)

    In a music publishing deal, we typically manage the copyright and licensing rights to the musical compositions assigned to us as the publisher.
    This means we can license the compositions or songs for various purposes, including synchronization in movies, TV shows, commercials, or any form of usage in on-ground screenings or digital platforms, such as incorporating the music into video content. Mechanical licenses allow others to use the copyrighted composition to create cover songs, reproduce, interpolate, or sample a portion of the original work. We also secure merchandise rights, enabling your music’s title and lyrics to be used on products such as T-shirts and posters, etc. Furthermore, we monitor for any unauthorized use of the songs or compositions, whether in synchronization, mechanical licenses, or merchandise, and provide guidance to composers regarding their rights as creators of their compositions.

  • Composition/ Catalog Management

    Managing a catalog of musical compositions involves keeping track of your entire body of work. This includes maintaining records of all your songs, their usage, royalties earned, and licensing opportunities. Your publisher helps you manage and promote your catalog effectively, seeking opportunities to generate revenue through various licensing deals and placements.